The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement

The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement in Geneva on 14 November 1963, these agreements often make the busy times of whoever want to become President of Indonesia. And, this is an agreement that makes some people crazy to spread the money to get this piece of property that became known as "one of the 'treasure people and nation of Indonesia. This is an agreement by the world community as an Eternal Heritage of Mankind.

This then is the target of a Soeharto secret team to torture Soebandrio to open their mouth. This agreement made when Megawati became President, her bill promises to Switzerland but also didn't work. Whereas Megawati has said that she was President and she is daughter of Soekarno, but still could not. This then makes SBY (President of Indonesia) formed a secret team to keep track of this property but also remained barren.

The agreement is called The Green Hilton Memorial Agreement Geneva. Deed that most expensive in the world was signed by John F. Kennedy as President of the United States, Ir Soekarno as President of Indonesia and William Vouker representing Switzerland.

Triangular agreement was done at the Hilton Hotel Geneva on 14 November 1963 as a continuation of the MOU that had carried out in 1961. The point is the U.S. government acknowledged the existence of gold bullion valued at no less than 57 thousand tons which consists of 17 gold packets from Indonesia. Indonesia received the gold bullion was to be collateral for the U.S. financial world that its operation conducted by the Swiss Government through the United Bank of Switzerland (UBS). The agreement is valid three years later, 14 November 1965 (picture below is just one of many pieces of the agreement).

On the other documents mentioned unpublished, the use of collateral that the U.S. must pay a fee of 2.5% a year to Indonesia. It's just fear of a corrupt leadership will emerge in Indonesia, then the fee payment will not be open. This means that the rights fee disbursement authority is not on anyone beside or behind the President, but there is the banking system that has been made in such a way that redemption was not easy, including the President of the United States itself.

This special account created to hold assets that until now no one knows its existence except John F Kennedy and Sukarno. Unfortunately before Soekarno and JFK was murdered, they had no time to give the mandate of redemption to anyone in the country. Even if there is a claim believed that Soekarno to liquefy assets, it can be guaranteed that person lie, unless there are specific signs of important documents that do not know anyone who stores up to now. Such an important document that the authors and readers interviews that has source from elder persons in the country of Indonesia or interviews with sources in the Netherlands, France, Germany, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong.

Kennedy and Johnson with Indonesia's Sukarno 1961 - Image: © Bettmann/CORBIS, Date Photographed: April 25, 1961

The Hilton Green Agreement was a dumbest agreement for the U.S., because the U.S. recognizes and claims that those assets are actually their spoils of war. According to written documents. The confiscated property from the U.S. when the conquering Germans in World War II. Germany also recognizes that the property was confiscated when Germany attacked the Netherlands. Netherlands also admitted that the property is a treasure that carried prey VOC when Indonesia invaded by Netherland.

Based on the facts found in the field, this property has ever wanted to be cashed in 1986-1987, but failed, then there is another trial beginning in 2000, also failed. Now, when the crisis hit the U.S. and almost whole world invaded by the U.S., President Obama administration tried to convince the world through the word of the Pope at the Vatican that the U.S. has right to withdraw this property. On the basis of the interests of mankind, it seems the Vatican began to melt hearts. The issue says that the Vatican has given its blessing to ignore it, without the direct intervention of Indonesia.

According to a source at the Vatican, when the U.S. president expressed intention to the Vatican, the Pope asked whether Indonesia has been agreed. Reportedly, the U.S. only use the fact MOU between the G-20 in the UK where Indonesian President SBY also signed an agreement to provide the world's financial authorities to the IMF and World Bank to seek alternative funding sources.

The report says, the Vatican ordered that Indonesia be given assistance. Possible IMF aid of USD 2.7 billion in facilities SDR (Special Drawing Rights) to the middle of last year Indonesia was the realization of this agreement, so there is a growing issue that such assistance should not be returned. By Bank Indonesia's support for the IMF used to strengthen the country's foreign exchange reserves. Writers and thinkers of the House of Representatives have come to clarify about the status of this IMF money.

If this was true hopelessness of this nation, that only received USD 2.7 billion. Though the property is worth a thousand trillion dollars. That is Greatest heritage assets of Indonesia, such assets that resulted from the hard work of Indonesia ancestors in the golden era of the kingdom in Indonesia. For once, just to buy rice peoples must use gold as a means of payment in Indonesia. Even the kingdom of China to buy spices in Indonesia using gold.

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  1. keren banget. beneran gak tuh ya??

  2. Sukarno Bayar John. F. Kennedy karena sudah bantu Indonesia rampas Papua Barat dari Belanda tanpa ijin Dewan Papua dan Rakyat Papua Barat.

  3. Very Interesting story, and actually the first time I did hear about this. Simple question from a person who is really interested in the rest of the story, where is the gold?, where is Germans gold?, where is America's gold? Where did all this Gold disappear to? Any takers for this one?