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The NC-212-200 is a high-wing twin turboprop metal structure aircraft, of semi-monocoque design, with fixed landing gear. Designed principally for regional transport line with STOL characteristic, the NC-212-200 can be operated at from short unprepared airfields. 

  • Short take off and landing
  • Able to operate on unprepared airfields
  • Easy loading and unloading operations through ramp door
  • Quick change configuration

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  • Troop Transport
  • Paratroop Dropping
  • Maritime Patrol Aircraft
  • Cargo/Logistic Transport
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Aerial Delivery
  • Rain Making

Two Garret TPE-331-10R-512 C turboprop engines
Two four-bladed Dowty Rotol type, constant speed propeller R334/4-82-F/1
Max. Taxi Weight 7,750 kg
Max. Take off Weight 7,700 kg
Max. Landing Weight 7,450 kg
Max. Zero Fuel Weight 7,100 kg
Max. Fuel Capacity 1,600 kg
Max. Payload 2,820 kg
Take-off Distance 750 m
Landing Distance 560 m
Max Speed 197 knots
Service Ceiling (AEO) 3,048 m
CUSTOMERS (more than 100 aircraft have been delivered)
•  Indonesian Air Force Military Transport
• Indonesian Navy Military Transport & Patmar
• Indonesian Army Military Transport
• Indonesian Police Passenger Transport
• Merpati Nusantara Airlines Passenger Transport
• SMAC Passenger Transport
• Bouraq Passenger Transport
• MOAC Thailand Rain Making
• Deraya Passenger Transport
• Dirgantara Air Service Passenger Transport
• Pelita Air Service Passenger Transport
• Rapindo Passenger Transport
• Asahi Mantrust Passenger Transport
• PLP Curug Passenger Transport
• BPPT Rain Making
• South Sumatra Province Gov Passenger Transport
• Air Guam Passenger Transport

CN-235 Commercial

The CN-235 is an excellent commuter and utility aircraft design for regional transportation.
This aircraft was designed to meet the needs of commuters and utilityairline operators. Its features : lowest purchase price in its class, lowest maintenance cost in its class, efficient and cost effective fuel

The CN-235-220 is a multiple commuter and utility aircraft in the regional transport. This aircraft readily meets all the requirements for passenger and utility operations. It offers : multi-role, quiets conversion capability, low operating costs, independent operation from ground equipment, short take-off and landing capability on short and unimproved runways.
As the CN-235 is a multipurpose aircraft, this also designed to fulfill the requirements of all light cargo military/civil operations.
The significant characteristic are as follows : quick turn around time, quick change from passenger configuration to cargo configuration, quick change from civil version to military version, STOL feature and outstanding performance in hot and high take off conditions, able to operate on unprepared airstrip, and easy maintenance.

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Civil Version Customers

Merpati Nusantara Airlines Passenger Transport
Air Venezuela Passenger Transport
Asian Spirit (the Philippines) Passenger Transport
MOAC Thailand Rain Making

CN-235 Maritime Patrol  Aircraft

Dirgantara Indonesia, with its CN-235 Maritime Patrol Aircraft (MPA) offers a turnkey service for such EEZ protection, as well as other multi-mission capabilities. The company's high-technology systems are reinforced by its expertise and experience in major international aircraft project. The CN-235's advanced multi-purpose platform is an optimal combination featuring medium range capability, large cabin space, sophisticated and fully integrated mission avionics systems. The MPA has an endurance exceeding 8 hours and a maximum take off weight (MTOW) of 16.000 kg.


IAe’s CN 235-220 Maritime Patrol Aircraft is an efficient and cost-effective for detecting, locating, classifying, identifying and recording targets to satisfy numerous missions, as well as :
  • Exclusive Economic Zone Control
  • Fisheries Protection
  • Pollution Control and Monitoring
  • Marine Traffic Control
  • Search and Rescue
  • Prevention of Smuggling, Terrorism and Piracy
  • Anti Surface Vessel / Anti Submarine Warfare
  • Protecting the Sovereignty of the Country

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cnmpa_skema_bl.jpg (14464 bytes)cnmpa_skema_br.jpg (15458 bytes)
The CN 235-220 sophisticated and advanced multi purpose platform is an optimal combination of medium range capability, spacious cabin and fully integrated mission avionics.
With its pressurized cabin and two high powered General Electric CT7-9C engines driving four bladed Hamilton Standard Propeller, the aircraft's 4,000 kg fuel capacity allows a flight endurance of between 8 to 10 hours.
These features, together with its Short Take-off and Landing (STOL) capability and Maximum Take-Off Weight (MTOW) of 16,100 kg, will meet above mention mission requirements.

CN-235 Military

Dirgantara Indonesia's CN-235 Military aircraft (MIL) exploits its full capabilities. Dirgantara Indonesia's experience is evident in the production line where improvements in manufacturing and engineering technology are continuously introduced to maintain the highest quality and analytic standards for the CN-235 military aircraft.

  • Take-Off Landing
  • Able to Operate on Unprepared Airfields
  • Easy Loading and Unloading Operations through Ramp Door
  • Low Maintenance Cost
  • Mission Versatility
  • High Visibility Windscreen


  • Troop Transport
  • Paratroop Dropping
  • Maritime Patrol Aircraft
  • Anti Submarine Warfare
  • Cargo/Logistic Transport
  • Medical Evacuation
  • Aerial Delivery

Take-off Distance 1,037 m
Landing Distance 1,068 m
Max Speed 230 knots
Long Range Speed 213 knots
Service Ceiling (AEO) 7,924 m

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Overall Span 25.81 m
Overall Length 21.40 m
Overall Height 8.17 m
Wheel Tack 3.90 m
Wheel Base 6.92 m
Cabin Volume 41.88 m3
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Two General Electric CT7-9C Turboprop Engines
Two four-bladed Hamilton Standard HS 14 RF-21 propellers
- Max. Taxi Weight 16,550 kg
- Max. Take-off Weight 16,500 kg
- Max. Landing Weight 16,500 kg
- Max. Zero Fuel Weight 15,400 kg
- Max. Fuel Capacity 4,000 kg
Military Customers

Korean Air Force Military Transport & V I P
TUDM Malaysia Military Transport & V I P
Pakistan Air Force Military Transport & V I P
UAE Air Force Military Transport & V I P
Royal Brunei Air Force Military Transport
Indonesian Air Force Military Transport & MPA
Burkina Faso Military Transport


The NBO-105 has been developed as one of the first twin engined multi-purpose helicopters with a hingeless rotor system. With the "System Bolkow" hingeless rotor, The NBO-105 flying qualities are better than with conventional rotor systems. This applies in particular to the hovering qualities and the manoeuverability under all flight conditions.

NBO–105 CB/S
the multi purpose helicopter for every mission
  • General Utility Mission
  • Search and Rescue Operations
  • Personal Transport
  • Offshore Operations
  • Medical Operations/EMS Version
  • Military Operations
  • Law Enforcement Operations
The NBO-105 has been developed as one of the first twin engine multi purpose helicopter with a hingeless rotor system. Thanks to the System Bolkow hingeless rotor, the NBO-105 is flying qualities are better than those of known helicopters with conventional rotor systems. This applies in particular to the hovering qualities and the maneuverability under all flight conditions. It has a skid type landing gear with plastically deformable cross tubes.
The fuselage of the NBO-105 CB/CBS both of lightweight semi monocoque aluminium construction with non stressed part of fiberglass reinforced plastic. The difference between the CB and CBS is a 10 inch (25cm) stretch ("S") in the cabin of the CBS model.
The main features of the Varians’s NBO-105 CB/CBS multi purpose helicopters are :
  • The hingeless rotor "System Bolkow" with titanium rotor head, fiberglass reinforced plastic main rotor blades, with anti-erosion strips.
  • The high set semi-rigid two bladed tail rotor with fiberglass reinforced plastic tail rotor blades, with anti-erosion strips.
  • Twin engine safety using two Allison 250-C20CB gas tubines.
  • Practical and modern airframe with spacious cabin and large cargo compartment.

The MILITARY NBO-105 FAMILY the multi purpose concept of NBO-105 enables conversion in just minutes for a wide variety of different missions
The NBO-105 twin engine, military multi purpose light helicopter offers a broad spectrum for unarmed and armed missions.
The NBO-105 is available in 3 main version :
  • Unarmed/Utility version
  • Armed version-Guns/rocket
  • Armed version-Missiles
The NBO-105 Military Helicopter Provides :
  • Out standing flight characteristic
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • High degree of reliability
  • Low detect ability owing to compact external dimensions
  • Operation independent of permanent bases posible, lncluding field maintenance
  • High mission availability and efficiency
  • Available of modern Night Vision Goggles compatible cockpit Management System

nbo105_dim_tl.gif (18594 bytes)nbo105_dim_tr.gif (19198 bytes)
nbo105_dim_bl.gif (20444 bytes)nbo105_dim_br.gif (17170 bytes)

Base on standard day conditions (ISA), Gross weight : 2,300 kg (5,070 lb)
Maximum Speed Vne at SL 270
145 kts
Maximum Cruising Speed at SL 242 km/h 131 kts
Rate of Climb at SL (MCP) 8,7 m/sec 1,713 ft/min
Hover Ceiling, IGE (TOP)
   no wind (3 ft AGL )
2,682 m 8,800 ft
Hover Ceiling, OGE (TOP) 1,981 m 6,500 ft
Max. Operating Altitude
   Capacity at SL (no reserve)
565 km 305 nm
Endurance (Standard fuel, no reserve) 3.5 h
Max. Operating Altitude 5,182 m 17,000 ft
MCP : Maximum Continuous Power
TOP : Take Off Power

WEIGHT                                                     NBO-105 CB NBO-105 CBS
Weight Empty Weight (basic version) 1,277 kg 2,8152.2 lbs 1,301 kg 2,868 lbs
Max. Take Off Weight 2,500 kg 5,511 lbs 2,500 kg 5,511 lbs
Standard Weight Empty (wet) incll, lubricants, hydraulic fluids and unusable fuel 1,227 kg 2,705 lbs 1,248 kg 2,751 lbs
Operational Empty Weight (Basic version wet) 1,354 kg 2,985 lbs 1,378 kg 3,037 lbs
Max. Standard Fuel 456 kg 1,005.3 lbs 456 kg 1,005.3 lbs
Payload 690 kg 1,521.1 lbs 666 kg 1,468 lbs


The general utility application normally means occasional passenger transport, military mission, offshore operation and casualty transportation wherever required.

The Super Puma is well suited for multi mission application.
  • Maritime Patrol Missions
  • Search And Rescue
  • Aerial Work
  • Executive and VIP Transport
  • Commuter Transport
  • Oil Industry Operations
  • Military Missions
  • Multi Role Naval Missions
Designed to last out century, the Super Puma owes the above qualities of safety, operational efficiency, versatility, economy and comfort to the incorporation of the very latest technology, it is thus the fruit of through research, applied to the following areas :
  • Using more composite materials
  • High engine efficiency, low fuel consumption
  • Rotor-head frequency adapters
  • Modular design for main power train assemblies
  • Simplified maintenance with the TBOs
  • Newly designed systems
With its blend of new technologies, the Super Puma embodies all the qualities expected of a modern helicopter, in terms both of performance and of operational characteristic.
The Super Puma Military version, suitability for Modern Combat Conditions
The Super Puma Military version helicopter is a multi purpose twin engine transport helicopter for :
  • Utility Version (no armament capability)
  • Utility + Armament capability (canons, machine guns, rockets)
The Super Puma Naval Mission, is The True Multi-role Naval Helicopter
In order to achieve in the most efficient way maritime surveillance of wide areas, early warning for naval task force, anti surface and anti submarine warfare, the Super Puma is equipped with a sophisticated electronic package, associating the latest generation sensor with power computing equipment.  

nas332_dim_tl.gif (16947 bytes)nas332_dim_tr.gif (16246 bytes)
nas332_dim_bl.gif (19759 bytes)nas332_dim_br.gif (16770 bytes)
Performance on 2 engine

                                                     NAS-332 C1                      NAS-332 L1
Max. Speed Vne 278 km/hr 50 kts 278 km/hr 150 kts
Fast Cruise Speed 258 km/hr 139 kts 262 km/hr 141 kts
Economical Cruise Speed 248 km/hr 134 kts 252 km/hr 136 kts
Fuel Consumption at
Economical Cruise Speed
510 kg/hr 1,124 lb./h 502 kg/hr 1,107 lb./h
Rate of Climb at 70 kts 7.2 m/sec 1,417 ft/min 8.2 m/sec 1,618 ft/min
Hover Ceiling IGE (10 ft)
  - ISA 2,800 m 9,196 ft 3,250 m 10,663 ft
  - ISA + 20 degree C 1,800 m 5,906 ft 2,300 m 7,546 ft
Hover Ceiling OGE
  - ISA 1,650 m 5,413 ft 2,300 m 7,546 ft
  - ISA + 20 degree C 850 m 2,789 ft 1,400 m 4,593 ft
WEIGHT                   NAS-332 C1                 NAS-332 L1
Max. Take Off Weight 9,000 kg 19,840 lbs 8,600 kg 18,960 lbs
Empty Weight 4,330 kg 9,546 lbs 4,460 kg 9,832 lbs
Useful Load 4,670 kg 10,294 lbs 4,140 kg 9,128 lbs
Max. Gross Weight 9,000 kg 19,840 lbs 8,600 kg 18,960 lbs
Max. Gross Weight in
  External Load
9,350 kg 20,615 lbs 9,350 kg 20,615 lbs
Max. Cargo Sling Load 4,500 kg 9,920 lbs 4,500 kg 9,920 lbs


 The NBELL-412 helicopter has been designed for a wide range of applications as :
  • Personal Transportation
  • Search And Rescue
  • Offshore Operation
  • Medical Support/Ambulance Mission
  • Oil Industry Operations
  • Military Missions
  • Law Enforcement Operations
The NBELL-412 is a medium size 15-places turbine powered helicopter incorporating a four bladed rotor system.
The advanced designed rotor system permits smooth and quiet operations with the advanced of being able to fly at high speed.
The standard 412 is certified in accordance with FAA-FAR Part-29 Transport Category Rotorcraft, and it is qualified for day or night operation under visual flight conditions.
With cruise speed of 130 knots and range of up to 402 nautical miles, the NBELL-412 will be a particularly desirable aircraft for transport mission, providing a fast, efficient fuel consumption, reliable, low direct operation cost, as its low risk design priorities : High safety, Low Maintenance, High availability and Low Cost of Operation.
With more than 5,405 pounds (2,452 kilograms) internal use load capacity plus a cabin with wide doors for easy loading makes the NBELL-412 ideal for rough terrain construction task, and to supply remote area jobs sites. For increased work handling versatility, it boosts exceptional hot-high altitude operating characteristic.

nbell412_dim_tl.gif (18000 bytes)nbell412_dim_tr.gif (19306 bytes)
nbell412_dim_bl.gif (22167 bytes)nbell412_dim_br.gif (22436 bytes)

Conditions : Standard Day
Hovering Ceiling (TOP Capability) :
   - IGE Standard Day
   - Standard Day + 20 degree C 6,200
   - OGE Standard Day 5,200
Service Ceiling (OEI, 30 Minute Power) 6,800
Max. Continuous Cruise TAS (Sea Level) 122
Max. Continuous Cruise TAS (5,000 ft) 124
Long Range Cruise Speed, 5,000 ft (avg) 130
Range @ LRC Speed, No Reserve (5,000 ft) 402

Take off Gross Weight 11,900 lbs
VFR Standard Configuration Weight 6,505 lbs
IFR Standard Configuration Weight 6,616 lbs
Normal Gross Weight 11,900 lbs
External Load Gross Weight 11,900 lbs
VFR Standard Configuration Useful Load
   (Gross Wt Standard Configuration Wt)
5,395 lbs
IFR Standard Configuration Useful Load
   (Gross Wt Standard Configuration Wt)
5,284 lbs
Maximum External Load (Hook Capacity 5,000 lbs) 4,500 lbs

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